Alright, so last night, we got a new spoiler/preview clip (below) in from the folks over at ABC for their upcoming "Once Upon A Time" episode 17 of season 6, and it looks very entertaining and intense as we see Snow and David, having to make a decision that could obliterate the present timeline! Emma is spotted, having a very important conversation with the Black Fairy who reveals some very significant intel to her. Hook is seen, running for his life again, and so much, much more!

It's "Awake"

ABC also gave us a little teaser synopsis for this one that tells us: protecting their family, will mean rewriting history.

However, altering it could demolish the here and now aka the present. Needless to say, that sounds extremely serious. This episode has been given the title: "Awake."

Born to break it

The new clip , kicks off with a scene that features the Black Fairy, telling Emma, she created the dark curse, and that she was born to break it. After that, we see David and Regina in action. He tells her that his daughter is about to face the biggest fight of her life. From there, we get a Emma hugging scene. At one point, Regina is spotted, shoving Snow's heart back in her chest or something. The clip also mentions that they'll be rewriting history, but unfortunately in doing so, they'll alter the past.

Gold gives fair warning

There's another scene that features Gold, telling David and Snow that if they find Emma now, the curse will never be broken, and everyone will be freaking trapped forever. Oh no! So, yeah. That sounds pretty got damn serious. There's another intriguing scene that gives us a look at what appears to be Emma when she was a little girl, so perhaps we'll see some backstory on that.

Hook is still on the run

Next, we get some very action-filled scenes that shows Hook, getting chased some more. He's definitely running for his freaking life again. Then finally the clip caps off with a very interesting scene that features some magical door, appearing out of thin air in front of Snow and David. It's a very serious door too, because Snow mentions that if they go through it, Emma will never become the savior.

Oh no! That cannot be good.

Will they end up, walking through it anyways? Or will they decide to back off, so that Emma will still become the savior? Those are some very burning questions for that scenario. Unfortunately, the clip didn't show any other details, so we're left hanging with that. We do expect to see some additional sneak peek clips to arrive later on this week, so be sure to look out for those. Maybe they will tease some extra storylines. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned. We can confirm that episode 17 is due to hit the airwaves on Sunday night, April 16th,2017.