Recently, the folks over at ABC gave us two,new preview/spoiler clip treats (below) for their upcoming "Designated Survivor" episode 16 of the current season 1. They look pretty intriguing and quite dramatic as Hannah is spotted back on the scene, letting someone know that she has the clearance to investigate the conspiracy. Jack is spotted, trying to make everyone think the White House can't carry out their new safety plans, and more. As previously reported, the producers named this installment: "Party Lines."

It's speech time

The first clip is a promo clip that features a couple of different scenes that will be taking place.

It starts out showing us a new President Kirkman scene. He's spotted, giving a speech about making sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands. Next, we see a scene that shows Jack, saying that the White House is making promises about safety that they can't back up. Shortly after that, we get another scene with Jack, telling Kimble to get on board or step aside. Next, we get a scene that features Aaron in action with Kimble, telling her that someone is trying to take her out at the knees. I assume it's Jack, based on how the clip is edited.

Hannah has direct orders

Anyways, moving right along, we get a scene that features the beautiful Hannah back in action. She's seen, saying that the president gave her direct orders to cover this conspiracy.

After that, we get a glimpse of Seth in action, saying that there won't be a guarantee that another attack isn't on the way. From there, we're hit with a flurry of scenes. Then it caps off with another look at Hannah in action with Ritter. They're entering a very dark cave area with flash lights. It looks like it could be pretty suspenseful to say the very least.

Getting the "yes" votes

The 2nd clip is a sneak peek that gives us a look at a solo scene. It starts off, showing us more of the scene with Jack Bowman, trying to convince everyone that the White House cannot back up their claims about the safety they can provide. Shortly after that, we see that it's really a scene that features Kirkman, watching Bowman's interview.

Then Kimble shows up to tell him that if a few encouragements aka demands are met, they could possibly get some moderate Republicans in the senate to vote yes. The clip caps off with Kirkman, asking Bowman to please elaborate on what these so-called encouragements are.

Will the president be ok with these demands? Or will they just be too got damn much? Unfortunately, the clip ends without Kimble, saying what they are, so we'll just have to wait for this thing to air, to find out all that good stuff. Be sure to check out the new clips, below, and stay tuned. As previously reported, episode 16 is due to hit the airwaves this Wednesday night, April 12th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC.