Michael Jackson's elderly mother katherine jackson claims she has fallen victim to elder abuse at the hands of one of her family members: nephew Trent Jackson. New reports from TMZ reveal that Katherine has filed court papers obtaining a restraining order against her nephew Trent Lamar Jackson alleging that he has been abusing her.

Is Michael Jackson's family plotting to take over his estate?

The legal docs also state that Katherine Jackson claims that Trent is an "abusive con-man" who has been manipulating her for years in order to take control of her finances, live for free on her property, and keep her estranged from her children.

the jackson family Matriarch described the hellish life she has previously been living under Trent's care. She alleges that Trent has taken money from her bank accounts and that she has had to hide in the closet to speak freely with her family.

Katherine Jackson reveals she fears for her safety

Katherine also states that family members Rebbie and some of her children are willing to testify against Trent. Mrs. Jackson now feels that she could be in some major danger of being harmed by Trent now that she has gone public about Trent's treatment toward her.

"Now that he knows his conduct will be revealed she fears what he may do to her upon her return," stated the legal doc (according to Inquisitr).

Katherine is currently in London visiting daughter Janet Jackson and her new grandson, according to reports. Katherine, 86, reveals that she has attempted to rid herself of Trent's abuse by firing him as her driver in the presence of the local sheriffs department, but Trent is not taking her seriously.

Thankfully, the court ordered restraining order requires Trent to stay 100 yards away from Katherine at all times, he has also been ordered off the property, and to return all keys.

Trent has since responded to the restraining order and accusations by saying that he is not the problem in Katherine's life, it is her children. He claims Michael's siblings are the ones plotting to take over the late pop star's estate.

This latest Jackson family drama looks as if it is going to turn very nasty, very fast, it's clear that there is something amiss among the Jackson family, for sure. Do you believe Katherine is being abused by her nephew, Trent, and, are Michael's siblings out to take control of his estate, or, is Trent just trying to save his own neck?