NCIS” fans were shocked to find out that there was no new episode last week. Is it the same this week or will there be a new episode on April 18, 2017? When will “NCIS” season 14 wrap up for the year? We have all you need to know right here.

There will be a new episode of ‘NCIS’ season 14 tonight

The great news is that CBS isn’t taking a week off this week. Rather than a rerun like last week, “NCIS” fans will get an all-new episode at the usual time of 8pm tonight on the network. That will be followed by new episodes of “Bull” and “NCIS: New Orleans.” However, there will be another week break next week due to the date of the season finale.

There will be three episodes left after this week’s episode. The great news is that after next week’s break they will run back-to-back. That means from May 2, 2017 there will be new episodes each week until the “NCIS” season 14 finale on May 16, 2017.

What’s going to happen this week?

Fans of “NCIS” will see the episode titled “One Book, Two Covers” this week. It will be focused on one of the new agents, Agent Nick Torres, again. This week fans learn more about his undercover duties when the team is called to a murder. The murder is of a man connected to a biker gang that Torres has been involved with during undercover work.

Torres will need to go back through his old files, full of notes that he made while working undercover.

It will be up to him and the notes to work out who could have killed the marine and why. This will be more of a chance to get to know the agent deeper, an agent that many fans have taken a strong liking to.

Will ‘NCIS’ be renewed next year?

“NCIS” has performed well this year. The total views only dropped below the 14 million mark with the last episode.

CBS won’t help things with the one-week-off-one-week-on process it has at the moment. Fans are never sure whether to set their DVRs or tune in. Even some of the stars have been confused with missed weeks when tweeting about what fans can expect.

The great news is that “NCIS” season 15 has already been confirmed. It gained an extremely early renewal compared to the rest of the TV shows on the network.

This isn’t surprising considering the naval drama is the highest rated show for the network. Unsurprisingly, both “NCIS” spin-offs have also been confirmed for another year each.

“NCIS” season 14 will return this week with an all-new episode. It will then take another week break next Tuesday, before returning with the last three episodes of the season.