“NCIS: Los Angeles” bid a sorrowful farewell to actor Miguel Ferrer on Thursday morning. Ferrer, age 61, passed away following a battle with cancer. Currently starring as Assistant Director Granger on CBS’ Sunday night drama, the veteran actor leaves behind a resume that boasts credits that range from “Crossing Jordan” and “Twin Peaks” to “Young Justice” and “Adventure Time.”

‘NCIS: LA’ fans shocked

For fans, Ferrer’s death comes as a shock. A mysterious illness plagued Granger throughout season 8, pinching his features and bringing a gravely rasp to a once commanding voice.

What we thought was merely a feat of dedicated acting actually belied a real-life problem.

“Today, NCIS: Los Angeles lost a beloved family member,” showrunner R. Scott Gemmill said, according to Deadline. “Miguel was a man of tremendous talent who had a powerful dramatic presence on screen, a wicked sense of humor, and a huge heart. Our thoughts go out to his wife Lori, his sons, and his entire family. He will be greatly missed.”

As “NCIS: LA”’s cast and crew work through their grief, the series’ creative minds must look to the future. Although Granger’s recent encounter with a shiv has him laid up at the hospital, the prison incident will not spell his demise. Ferrer filmed until his untimely death, which means viewers will see Granger on screen for several weeks to come.

According to Deadline, the nature of the character’s exit is currently unknown.

What’s next on ‘NCIS: LA’?

To divert our current sorrow, let’s take a look at what the future holds for our fictional heroes. In the wake of “Hot Water,” the ever-prescient mole has the OSP crew twisted up six ways from Sunday. With Callen, Deeks, and Sam behind bars, Under Secretary Dugan pumped full of lead, and Hetty’s resignation in progress, the team’s only lead has led them to the CIA.

After a week away, “NCIS: LA” will continue its high-octane rollercoaster ride in “Under Siege.”

Hetty goes rogue, leaving the NCIS team completely in the dark, and the mole kidnaps one of the agents,” CBS teased.

Find out more when “NCIS: LA” return on Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.