It looks like “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13 has mostly been about Maggie’s (lack of) character growth. Initially making it clear that she was interested in Riggs, she found out her mother was dying on cancer and then forced her through a medical trial that pretty much made her worse and then killed her. Now Maggie’s character will develop further as she finally learns the truth about Meredith and Riggs.

Maggie reads the signs in the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 21 trailer

The trailer is focused on a press conference, likely about the plane disaster that was in episode 20.

Meredith opted to use a syringe needle and straw to drain off the blood from her patient’s brain, while the pilot landed the plane in stormy weather. Riggs makes it very clear that she was the one to come up with the idea and acted under pressure.

While speaking, Riggs puts his hand on Meredith’s shoulder in a touching and semi-romantic way. Maggie is watching with the press and notices the gesture. She seethes with jealousy, as she realizes that her half-sister is with the man that she had already stated she was interested in. Of course, what Maggie hadn’t realized was that Meredith had already slept with Riggs at this point.

Catherine and Webber continue their feud

While Bailey and Webber have made up, Webber is still angry at his wife.

It’s not that surprising, as it was Catherine who orchestrated the majority of the upheaval in the hospital. She made it clear to Bailey that Webber’s teaching ways were no longer working and there had been too many mistakes, which led to the arrival of Eliza Minnick.

Rather than own up to what she did, Catherine has tried to put the blame on Bailey.

Initially Webber did believe that Bailey had a lot to do with it, but he knows that she is still finding her feet as Chief of Surgery. She is making mistakes that Webber would have made in the early days of his time in that position. He just wanted to be there to help guide her when she needed it. Now he knows that it has all been Catherine.

A former patient shows up at Grey Sloan Memorial

Meanwhile, Alex will deal with a former patient in “Grey’s Anatomy.” It is unclear who that patient will be, but fans have debated on social media. Some fans believe that Ava will make a reappearance this season, causing more drama between Alex and Jo. However, it is unclear if Jo is in the hospital, as she may have been on maternity leave around the time of filming.

It is possible that Alex’s patient will be a baby that he helped save. That baby will now be grown and looking for a more permanent solution to a medical problem. Fans will need to wait for the next “Grey’s Anatomy” episode on April 27, 2017 to find out just who this patient will be.