After being successfully known as a member of One Direction, Harry Styles is now making a name of his own. After releasing his new songSign of the Times,” he also has an upcoming World War II filmDunkirk” under the direction of Christopher Nolan.

But before that, he should have been the star of the upcoming “Han Solo” movie as Disney bosses want him to be in their “Star Wars” movies. Unfortunately, the 23-year-old star is too busy to ink the deal to be part of the epic movie franchise.

Styles might appear in other ‘Star Wars’ films

"Harry was one of the early names in contention when the studio looked at 'Han Solo,'” an insider told The Sun.

Although the executive producers know that he has no experience in acting, they see that he has a big potential that could help the movie to earn publicity and be a talk about.

Sadly, it was then impossible for Disney to get the service of Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, thus they got Alden Ehrenreich as their movie’s lead star instead. But, it doesn’t mean that fans won’t ever see him in other “Star Wars” movies.

In fact, the insider added that there are discussions to have him again for other movie projects they are considering to do. "'The Obi-Wan' stand-alone movie may not star Harry in the lead role but could see him play a smaller part," the source continued.

Audition to secure ‘Dunkirk’ role

Moreover, the insider also revealed that Styles co-workers in “Dunkirk” have nothing but good praises for him. Thus, he and his manager are now cautiously choosing the next movie he will do next. In fact, Nolan revealed that he has been in a strong competition defeating thousands of young actors to play the role of Alex in the said movie.

If truth be told, the 46-year-old film director told LA Times that they already have established names in mind when they were putting the cast together. However, when they were setting the characters for the “guys on the beach,” they were eyeing to add unknown actors.

Although Style was not really that unknown, he had never done acting before.

Hence, he underwent an audition along with other young men and he successfully had it. But, the crooner had to sacrifice his long hair and cut it. Aside from Nolan, Cillian Murphy also praises his style and performance in their upcoming movie.

Dunkirk” is the director’s follow-up movie after the 2014 sci-fi drama “Interstellar.” The film is set to be out on July 21. It tells the story of the World War II Dunkirk evacuation.