Harry Styles' solo album is one of the most anticipated albums of 2017. However, the album has been kept under wraps, and not much is known about what to expect, or even when to expect it. As rumors have been swirling recently about a possible Styles solo debut at the Grammy's, it's time to take a look at everything we know about this solo venture.

Harry Styles secretly making plans

When One Direction took a hiatus starting in January of 2016, it was expected that most, if not all members, would pursue solo careers. So far, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have released solo work.

From the beginning, Styles' solo debut was the most talked about and anticipated. However, instead of jumping straight into the studio, Styles instead tested the waters of acting, filming his debut in Christopher Nolan's upcoming war epic, "Dunkirk."

Since then, however, little clues have surfaced to remind us that his debut album is indeed coming. Once One Direction was officially on break, record labels began battling over who would have the honor of releasing the first Styles solo album. Columbia records won out, signing Styles to an $80 million record deal for three albums in June 2016. Despite this signing, Styles himself had been quiet on any future projects, and keeping a low profile over all, letting the hype and speculation build up.

Styles also signed with new management and a new publicist.

Clues on what to expect from Harry Styles

Harry Styles' first foray back into the public eye came with a bang, as he graced not one, but three coves of Another Man Magazine, with a large photo spread and several interviews to go with it. In the interview, he spoke for the first time, though vaguely, about his upcoming solo plans, when he was interviewed by Paul McCartney.

In the piece, which was more a conversation between the two musicians than an interview, Styles asked McCartney about his experience going from a band to a solo act.

Singer Robbie Williams let it slip in an interview with Radio Times that Styles was working with Bruno Mars and Max Martin, saying: "I met Harry Styles in an airport.

'Oh you're writing, Harry? Great, who with?' He goes: 'Well I just spent a week with Bruno Mars, and I'm about to spend a week with Max Martin.'"

What will his work sound like? Styles stated in the past that he is heavily influenced by artists such as The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, and Paul Simon, so that may provide insight into his musical direction. No matter the sound, fans are eagerly waiting. With rumors of him also dropping a song or even and album with no build up or promotion, fans are now just playing the waiting game, waiting to see what Styles has up his sleeve.