When turbulence hit the plane that Meredith and Riggs were on in “Greys Anatomy” last night, it caused a series of flashbacks. Meredith remembered her time in the plane crash from season 8, as well as memories of all those who had died or left her over the years. She even told Riggs at one point that she was waiting for death to take her. That didn’t stop Riggs from wanting to be with Meredith.

Fans quickly took offense at the end of the episode, annoyed that Riggs wanted Meredith to move on. Some fans claim that he told Meredith to forget about Derek, and they made it clear that she can’t do that.

Nobody who loses the person they love would be able to do that. However, Riggs never said to “forget” about Derek. Here’s a look at what he really said.

It’s time to let him go

Meredith is holding back her feelings for Riggs. She’s afraid to move on, whether that’s because of how people keep dying around her or because of her memory of Derek. At the very end of the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13 episode, Riggs called Meredith out on this fear. He realizes that Derek is still in her heart, but made it clear that it’s time to let go.

That’s exactly what he told her. He never said forget about Derek, but to let him go. There is a big difference in this phrasing. He doesn’t want her to completely forget the father of her children.

What he wants her to do is allow herself to live and love now that he is gone.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans have mixed feelings about Riggs

Maybe the misinterpretation or false recalling of the scene at the very end is partially to do with fans’ feelings over Riggs. He isn’t liked by absolutely everyone and not all fans want to see him and Meredith together.

His introduction certainly didn’t help, as he was brought in as a sort of enemy to Owen Hunt. Fans initially wanted to dislike him, as he was an outsider from the main characters.

However, things have changed over the last year or so since his introduction. He has formed a friendship with Arizona and he is liked by many of his colleagues.

He has also struck up a relationship with Meredith, genuinely liking her and wanting to take it further with her. Meredith is the one constantly shutting him down, only to open up the channels and then shut them down again.

Meredith is liked by almost all fans of “Grey’s Anatomy,” as she is the main character of the show. Fans want to see her happy, but they also want to see her honor the love story between her and Derek. However, Riggs isn’t asking her to forget about him, only to let him go and allow herself the chance to live her life.