If you’re completely against Maggie and jackson being a couple on “Grey’s Anatomy,” there may be some good news. This relationship is very unlikely to happen. The events of the last series have been more about a growing friendship than a relationship. Here’s a look at four reasons why the two are not likely to get together.

Jackson and April are still a possibility

“Japril the Sequel” made it very clear that Jackson and April still have feelings for each other. They have a child together and are living together for the sake of that child. Plus, they make a good team when they decide to work together.

They haven’t been seen on screen together since the sequel episode, but it is clear that there is still some sign of romance between the two after their night together while working away.

Maggie just needed support

Jackson has always been a friendly shoulder to lean on. He has been pretty much from the first day at the hospital. He has been there for the likes of Meredith and Arizona when they’ve needed someone to talk to. That was just what he was doing for Maggie. When Maggie’s mom came to see Jackson, she knew that she needed someone who was close to Maggie. While Jackson wasn’t best friends, he was someone she had a reason to see to make sure her daughter was looked after.

Maggie likes Riggs

There is still a love triangle forming between Meredith, Maggie, and Riggs. At the very end of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 12, Maggie made it clear that she really liked Riggs and she thought he liked her two. It turned out that Riggs was interested in Meredith. From the start of season 13, Meredith has tried to fight her feelings to put her sister first, but it hasn’t worked.

While the love triangle has been ignored recently, it is likely to rear its ugly head soon.

Two people can just be friends

Why is it that when two characters share a moment on TV they have to be interested in each other romantically? This has been seen time and time again, so it’s not surprising that the “Grey’s Anatomy” rumors have started.

After all, fans are already focused on Alex and Meredith getting together, despite them being more like brother and sister. Maggie and Jackson shared a friendly moment. There was nothing else in that moment.

These are just opinions, but opinions based on previous seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy.” It is very unlikely that Maggie and Jackson will become a couple, as they are both interested in different people. “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13 continues on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.