Last week, “Chicago Fire” Season 5 skipped a week. NBC opted to not air the episode, but what about this week? Will April 18, 2017 host a new episode of the favorite TV fire fighters? Here is all you need to know about the planned schedule for NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”

No new episode of ‘Chicago Fire’ again

As reported last week, “Chicago Fire” season 5 is taking a two week break. This is the second of that two week break, so there won’t be a new episode tonight. Fans won’t even get a rerun of the show this week. You’ll be treated to two new episodes of “Trial & Error” instead.

This is NBC’s newest comedy program to the network, which is seems to be pushing on fans.

It’s not the first time that “Trial and Error” has taken over a regular TV time slot. A few weeks ago, NBC opted to show a rerun of the series premiere in place of the planned “Powerless” season 1 episode, irritating the superhero show fans.

New episodes will return next week

The good news is that this is definitely the end of the break. It’s the last week, and next week there will be an all new episode of “Chicago Fire” season 5. The episode will air at the usual time of 10pm on the network.

Fans will get a chance to find out why Anna walked away from Severide in the last episode. Twitter was alight with irritated and angry fans, confused at why the pediatric doctor chose to walk away from their Squad 3 lieutenant.

It turns out that she believes the two may not be suited for each other, and seeing Benny made her feel that way. Will Severide be able to prove that he is definitely nothing like his father?

Firehouse 51 will also have to work with another firehouse when Squad 3’s truck breaks down. Squad 3 and Squad 6 will need to work around each other’s positions and preferences, and we all know that that will never work out!

Why is NBC delaying the show?

Is this a bad sign for “Chicago Fire” season 5? Could the show be cancelled this year? It’s likely not a bad sign at all. NBC will be playing the game of when the usual Nielsen TV show viewing figures are collected and analysed. This starts on from April 27 to May 27. Delaying the new episode of “Chicago Fire” means that NBC wants to see how well the show is doing with fans.

In fact, all “One Chicago” shows are performing well. They are the best shows on the network and all will likely be renewed for a new season. This includes the newest of the lot: “Chicago Justice.” “Chicago Fire” season 5 will return on April 25, 2017 at 10pm on NBC.