One unexpected couple on ABC's "General Hospital" has such a huge fan base right now that it may just cause a riot if something should happen to come between them. Franco and Elizabeth have become a favorite pair these past few months even though they have had their share of ups and downs. One person who is raising a stink is Jason Morgan as he is not too keen on having Franco Baldwin near his and Liz's son Jake. Jason's hatred for him is an issue and could possibly cause some trouble down the road for the couple known as Friz.

Stay away from Jake

Jason is adamant that Franco not be around Jake, especially since he thinks Liz's new guy is a bad influence on his son. However, Jake doesn't want to stay away from Franco and "General Hospital" spoilers say that his daddy will cause some trouble for Franco. On Friday's episode, Jake showed up unexpectedly at Franco's door. He doesn't understand why he is being kept away from the person who has helped him the most and that he can always count on to be there for him. Franco is trying to gently push him away as that is what Jason wants and he doesn't want to cause any trouble for Liz.

Unfortunately, Jason will be the one to cause some trouble. He will give Franco a warning concerning his son.

This can't be good for his and Elizabeth's relationship. It is also difficult because Jake wants to finish his timeline that he started with Franco, which may just help him to remember what happened when he was with Helena Cassadine.

There is much more to this story that still needs to be revealed on why Jake was taken and why the boy has acted a little strange since he came back home to Port Charles.

Franco may just be the one who will help him remember, but he can't do that if Jason wants him to stay away. Will this whole thing with Jason eventually put a kink into Franco's relationship with Liz?

There is still romance in the air

Despite the fact that Franco is not able to visit Elizabeth's house right now, it looks like those two lovebirds have improvised, and then some.

Friday's episode of "General Hospital" had Friz fans swooning. Liz stopped by to see her man and ended up posing for him as he painted away. His portrait of her was amazing, but their romance was even hotter in the art studio.

Whether Franco and Elizabeth will last forever is debatable, but Friz fans are certainly hoping that there is much more romance and Franco moments to come for a long while. Do you think Jason will end up coming between these two because of his dislike of Franco?