Friday's episode of "General Hospital" confirmed the rumor that Julian Jerome is alive and well after everyone had presumed that he was shot and killed by his sister, Liv. He definitely survived the fall and has been in hiding ever since. He has been spying on his family and has now been caught on camera, thanks to Dillon Quartermaine. And now, Alexis will be seeing her husband face-to-face on the docks. Is he real this time?

Julian and Alexis

It is obvious that Alexis still loves Julian, even after all that he did to her and their family. He caused her to start drinking because of what he did to her.

She couldn't handle the fact that her husband who she loved with her whole heart had tried to kill her. Even though it was his sister, Olivia Jerome, who was the one behind it, he still had a knife to her throat and that was something that haunted her.

A new sneak peek of what will happen on "General Hospital" next week has Alexis walking along on the docks reflecting on her relationship with Julian. She remembers the love that they had, but then she also remembers the moment that he wanted to kill her. Just then she actually sees Julian walk up, but is he real or just her imagination?

What will Alexis do?

Considering that her husband had a knife to her throat just a few months ago right there on the docks may tempt Alexis to run the other way.

However, she wants to confront Julian and spoilers say that she will be seeking closure when it comes to him. Spoilers from Soap Central says that she will gain a new understanding of some of the things that had recently happened. This could mean that Julian will explain why he did what he did, but it may not be enough for his wife.

Spoilers also say that she will Close The Door to her past. Does this mean that once she hears what Julian has to say that she will close the door in his face and leave him for good? Or it could mean that she leaves the past behind and chooses to start a new future with Julian Jerome. Alexis is finally getting her life back together, but that may mean that she leaves Julian out of it for good.

Julexis fans

"General Hospital" fans who love this couple together were quite disappointed that this all happened between them. There are mixed feelings on what should happen now that Julian is still alive. Some viewers are ready for Julexis to get back together, while others think that too much has happened to have them rekindle their relationship. It is gearing towards a reunion with these two eventually, but it could also go the other way and she leaves him behind.

What would you like to see happen with this couple? There has been so much violence and crazy stuff that has happened. Can they restart a new future on "General Hospital?"