Alex O'Loughlin shared his beaming smile with “Hawaii Five-O” cast and crew last Thursday, as he wrapped his part for Season 7 in the crime-fighting police drama as Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett. The star stayed around to share the fun with co-stars, Chi McBride, Grace Park, and Daniel Dae Kim, along with faithful crew members. He even gave special thanks to the island community that always makes concessions to the hit show for any disruption during filming. Furry friends were even in on some of the sweet parting photos. Will next year’s Season 8 wrap of “Hawaii Five-O” really mean farewell for Alex O'Loughlin on the long-running series?

The couples’ connection and the crunch on the body

Alex O'Loughlin definitely thrives on the camaraderie he shares with the cast, calling it “chemistry” from the start, and the “couples’ therapy” between McGarrett and Danny Williams (Scott Caan) has become a beloved component for fans and storylines. The handsome Australian actor admits that his body has paid a price for his combat amidst the elements and crooked adversaries. Alex announced his likely exit from the series after Season 8 to "Entertainment Tonight" last fall. He said that after his commitment for seasons 7 and 8 were fulfilled, “it has to end.” He has soldiered through numerous injuries, even coming to work at 5:30 AM the day after elbow surgery, but a lingering back injury continues to bother the devoted dad, who cherishes his family and puts “being able to throw a football with my grandkids” one day as a priority above being on a hit show.

Parting brings such sorrow-so is a part-time role possible?

Fans are already feeling the pain of goodbye, and O'Loughlin has been gracious in noting that “fans deserve another year after this one,” meaning Season 7. The drama was among only a select few to get early renewal notice from CBS on March 23, as posted in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Scott Caan has negotiated his filming schedule to allow split time between the islands and the mainland, while O'Loughlin feels totally at home living in his tropical community, as shown in a photo with a favorite local bistro owner, and her companion pet. Another photo depicts butterfly sutures on the eyelid of the actor, doubtless marking the spot of another punch that is just part of another day’s work on “Hawaii Five-O.”

The grins and snuggles abounding in the “wrap” photos for Season 7 speak to the family connection this drama has for each other, and the locale of its setting.

Alex O'Loughlin credits that “having my wife and my kids fills me and fuels me and gives me what I need to get out of bed the next day.” That task will be easier for Alex O'Loughlin after the demands of his current duties on the drama are done. Fans will be delighted just to see that familiar face on a few episodes, so perhaps producers can work out a recurring shoot with the star, with just few camera shots, minus the body blows. After all, Lt. Commander McGarrett is admired even more for brains and bravery over brawn.