The longer a TV show continues, the more fans wonder how much life it has left in it. This is certainly the case with “Grey’s Anatomy,” especially in this last year. Fans wonder whether there are any more stories to tell or if the show will come to an end. According to Ellen Pompeo, the show is all about Meredith and she holds the power to cancel the program.

Its always been about Meredith’s journey

The name of the show should have been a big giveaway for fans. Based on the title of the surgical text book “Grey’s Anatomy,” the show’s focus is on character Meredith Grey.

She is the one who started the show and it will always be about her. It doesn’t matter if the hospital could survive without the intern, turned resident, turned Head of General Surgery.

Pompeo isn’t the only person who agrees that the show will end when she decides to go. Shonda Rhimes has confirmed that it has always been about Meredith and “Grey’s Anatomy” will definitely end when she decides to walk. When that will be, nobody knows.

Ellen Pompeo isn’t leaving yet

There are always questions about whether the main cast members of the show will sign back on. Just last year there were worries that the likes of Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson wouldn’t sign on for more seasons of the show when their contracts came up for renewal.

However, now the focus will be on Pompeo. If she doesn’t sign on, fans will know that the show will be cancelled.

Right now she has no plans to leave. The actress has already said that “Grey’s” will be the last (at least big) acting gig that she will do. She’s ready to take a step behind the scenes, which included making her directorial debut just last week.

She has confirmed that she is mulling over the future for Meredith Grey. Pompeo doesn’t want a weak storyline for the titular character and would like to see the show end on a high. It is possible that season 14 could be the end, since that would be when Pompeo’s contract comes up for renewal.

Only time will tell. There is no confirmation as to when “Grey’s Anatomy” will end just yet, only that it ends when Pompeo leaves. She holds the fate of the show and other actors’ careers in her hands. “Grey’s Anatomy season 13 continues on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.