It's all fun and games for readers of Archie Comics until The CW decided to air "Riverdale," a twisted adaptation that has been putting the viewers on the edge of their seats since episode 1. The death of Jason was the beginning of the manhunt for the killer's identity and several plot twists have been making the series more complicated as more secrets and lies have been revealed. Physically, the characters in the comics remained pretty much the same. Personality-wise, the characters at first glance were pretty much the same but at a closer look, each character has been given a fresh wash-over that makes them more mysterious and interesting.

With the mystery of Jason's death still looming over the town like a gloomy cloud, the fate of the characters seemed to have intertwined to make a bigger picture. While everyone is considered to be a valid suspect for Jason's death - with their own motives still to be uncovered, an actor from "Riverdale" has reportedly hinted that there might be another death before the season ends.

Another death in "Riverdale?"

According to reports, Luke Perry, who plays the role of Fred Andrews, has revealed during the 2017 WonderCon that there might be another death in future episodes. That said, fans of the suspense-mystery series might have to expect a death of another character before "Riverdale" season 1 ends.

While fans may think that a death of another character might be too soon, Perry hinted once again that the said character already had it coming, giving the fans an idea that he or she is not on the good side of the story. The identity of the next character awaiting death has not been explicitly revealed, but for fans who want to sleuth around and make predictions, it might be someone really evil for Archie's dad to think that he or she deserves death.

Possible suspects for Jason's death

The unsolved case of Jason's death is expected to be concluded by the end of season 1. The fans have already been making their own theories and speculations on who the killer might be and below is a round-up of the popular suspects.

Miss Grundy has taken the ire of the viewers, as she took sexual advantage of her students, specifically Archie and possibly Jason Blossom.

Speaking of the Blossoms, Clifford Blossom is another viable suspect, as he is portrayed as a ruthless man willing to do anything for the success of his company.

Is the next character that's going to die going to get killed by the same person who killed Jason? Or perhaps the next character to experience death in "Riverdale" is the one who killed Jason - but if that's the case, who kills who? All these questions may just spill over for a more intriguing "Riverdale" season 2.