Drake may be having a very hard time lately in the love department, as, just over a month ago, he was dumped by Jennifer Lopez, who he was busy entertaining during the recent holidays. The artist dished out quite a bit of dough to entertain "Jenny from the Block" and her friends by throwing lavish parties for the singer and her crew.

During the short romance, the smitten couple even shared a picture that showed them cozying up to each other on social media. Rihanna, his on-again, off-again lover, was angry at the rapper for dumping her for her best friend and confidant, J.

Lo. But now it seems to have definitely dissipated, as the "Bajan" singer has moved on. RiRi is currently focusing all her attention on her career and continues to thrill her fans with a catalog of new songs.

However, while he waits for his love life to get back on track, there is something that is definitely going well for the lovelorn rapper. Drake is now the most streamed Spotify artist on the music streaming site.

Canadian rapper Drake continues to rule Spotify

The Canadian celebrity had already broken a few streaming records with views as well as the most played videos. He was already the most streamed Spotify artist since last October. About a month ago his latest project titled "More Life" earned him two more streaming milestones.

Drake’s “More Life” video that was released on March 19th totaled 61,302,082 streams in a single day and currently sits at number one as the most streamed album on its first day.

With his current number one standing, he annihilated Ed Sheeran’s record after he earned approximately 76,355,041 total streams in one day. The artist now holds the record for the highest first-day live streams, and has also broken two other major streaming records on the Spotify platform.

The release of his current album "More Life" ranks him as the top earner on the online service.

Drake's Spotify success has definitely propelled his career to a higher level, with the Canadian already enjoying over 10 billion streams before the release of his new album. And, since its release just a little over a month ago, the artist is reported to be on his way to achieving another milestone. According to Forbes magazine, by the time a new global sensation takes over the throne, Drake will already be on his way to 15 or 20 billion live streams.