Three Islamic State militants from a group of eight got the surprise of their lives when a herd of Wild Boars grazing in a nearby field launched a full-scale attack on them. The group was initially setting up an ambush, but ended up getting ambushed themselves. The area in which the rebels were setting up their ambush was in an intensely challenged region in the North of Iraq.

Rebels about to kill tribesmen, killed by wild pigs

Sheik Anwar al-Assi, who is the leader of the region's Ubaid tribe and the chief of the anti-Islamic State movement disclosed the story to The Times of London.

According to Al-Assi, the group of eight rebels were hiding at the edge of a mountain about 50 miles southwest of the city of Kirkuk. The men were getting ready to launch an assault on some local tribesmen, who had managed to escape from the militants a few years ago.

The neighborhood tribesmen fled into the mountains from the town of Hawija three years ago when ISIS assaulted them and captured their township. The herd of wild pigs occupied the mountainside as well as a nearby cornfield where they grazed daily. However, the actions of the merciless killers irritated the herd, and they came charging at the men in full force, giving them a dose of their own medicine.

Just three days before the militants were trampled to death, they launched an attack, executing 25 individuals who tried to escape said attack by the ISIS group.

Since taking over several areas in Northern Iraq, many inhabitants from Hawija (about 100 miles south of Mosul) have fled for their lives. The Iraqi military vowed to dispatch soldiers to the area after freeing the rest of Mosul from the Islamic State's grip.

US-backed army re-captured another city from ISIS

According to Al-Assi, many residents have been making their daily escape to Kurdish Kirkuk, the oil-rich region of the country.

Meanwhile, the citizens wait for the United States-backed army to arrive and break the hold that ISIS has in the Iraqi town.

U.S.-backed troops successfully re-captured Eastern Mosul from the rebels in January and rid the town of Al-Tanek on Tuesday. However, the offensive launched last October still has a long way to go before the Iraqi military can free the town of Hawija from the Islamic rebels.