The City Of Chicago hits a very grim milestone on Tuesday. According to the Chicago Police Department, the city had recorded some of the most challenging crimes in recent history. With more than over a thousand people being shot already in the Midwestern city, it is set to surpass 2016 murders. It is currently over four months into the New Year, and already the Crime Rate is on an unacceptable trajectory.

182 dead in 4 months - will surpass over 750 for 2016

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune newspaper at least 1,008 people were shot in the U.S.

city and at least 182 of those victims had lost their lives. And since the beginning of the new year, the crime pace of the city remains roughly unchanged from the previous year when over 750 people were killed in 2016. Chicago, the largest Midwest city, is home to thousands of people. However, it also has a very high unemployment rate with most of the of the criminal offenses being carried out by young people.

The excessively high murder rate has been the most stubborn problem that law officials are currently struggling to get under control. Law enforcement officers said the 2016 death rate of more than 750 murders is the highest recorded in a single year. The Chicago Police Department had reported that there has been a significant increase in crimes committed by the gun, which had been the contributing factor for the highest murder rate in two decades.

Overall Chicago records 3,500 gun crimes in 4 months

According to a report by the spokesperson of the Chicago Police Department, there was a conflicting report offered when the facility reported 954 individuals received gunshot wounds and 172 have died. The spokesman Kevin Quaid outlined that the error happened because they did not report road rage shootings as well as other crimes that fall under other jurisdiction and reporting agencies.

However, with all jurisdictions combined, the entire Chicago area had about 3,500 shootings, most of which occurred in the poorer sections of the U.S. city where rival gangs are responsible for most of the drug-related crimes that have plagued the region.

The City will hire 1,000 police officers to curtail crime

In order to curtail the city’s high crime rate, the city of Chicago had planned to hire about 1,000 additional police officers over the next two years to help address the crime problem. Additionally, they have reported that there will be an increase in high-tech surveillance cameras set up around the city.