As Donald Trump and the Republican Party struggle to find common ground on a health care plan, it appears that the White House might have sold the House Freedom Caucus on their latest proposal. With Trump and the GOP looking to take the next step in repealing the Affordable Care Act, Stephen Colbert has decided to give his thoughts.

Colbert on Trump

For the better part of the last eight years, there's been one issue that has remained at the top of most Republican's list. For conservatives, repealing and replacing Obamacare has become a way of life and a prerequisite to run and represent the party, which Donald Trump made sure to do since the early days of his campaign.

Like the other 16 candidates running in the Republican primary election, Trump said all the right things when it comes to conservative politics, and was able to carry that momentum the party's nomination, and eventually a general election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, Trump has struggled to keep his promise during his first 100 days in office, with his first attempt at repealing Obamacare failing in the House with even members of his own party not willing to support his agenda. As news circulated that Trump's health care attempt would be able to pass the House, Stephen Colbert decided to highlight the issue on the April 27 edition of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on CBS.

During his opening monologue on Thursday, which was first previewed on Twitter, Stephen Colbert hit back at Donald Trump and the Republican over their latest health care attempt, labeling it "Zombie Trumpcare." "I can not wait for the first 100 to be over with," Colbert said, before adding, "it's exhausting watching this man (Trump) trying to accomplish something." "When I look at his presidency, I think 'my five-year-old could do that.'"

"He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare," Stephen Colbert said.

"He pulled his bill without a vote, and now he changed his mind and revived it as something people have been calling 'Zombie Trumpcare.'" "Republicans are not happy about because they have to go home over the break, and look at the crowds who show up at their town-halls," he said, before showing a clip from the zombie horror film "War World Z."

Colbert concludes

"Unlike Obamacare, Zombie Trumpcare would allow individual states to opt out of covering pre-existing conditions," Stephen Colbert went on to say, before hitting back at Republicans for exempting themselves from the president's new health care proposal. "Do not be too hard on these guys because they would have all lost their coverage because being a Douche Bag is a pre-existing condition," Colbert concluded.