"Days of Our Lives" fans should prepare themselves for a big upcoming reunion between two long-time favorite characters -- John Black and Marlena Evens. Yes, it looks as though the soulmates are about to reconnect -- again.

What will summer 2017 hold for 'Days' fans?

New potential "Days" spoilers reveal that Marlena will soon be getting a strange and cryptic letter from Paul. Fans will watch as Marlena attempts to decipher just what this message means and why it was given to her.

Does Salem have another wedding to look forward to this year?

Marlena has been missing her true love, John Black, for quite a while now, so much so that she has been recently fantasizing and dreaming of John's return.

John Black will soon be heading back to Salem and literally romancing the pants right off of the great Marlena Evens Black.

It is also well known that John and Marlena cannot reunite without another commitment ceremony, so fans may have another Marlena and John wedding to look forward to.

Not only does a Salem wedding bring back some of our beloved favorites, it also brings drama and excitement. No Salem wedding ever goes off smoothly without someone being kidnapped, shot at, blown up, or some other major catastrophe taking place.

What about EJ DiMera?

This would also be a great place for EJ DiMera to make his return from the dead known! As previously reported, it has been suggested that EJ Dimera will be returning to Salem as well, and what better way to greet his former friends and enemies than to show up at a huge family wedding?

Fans are also trying to figure out just what plans Wyatt (Ciara Brady's new love interest) has up his sleeves. We know he is planning something and he is working with a mystery person who has all the inside information on Ciara. This new plot point leaves a lot on the table in terms of the many things that could happen moving forward, and the possibilities are endless with this one.

What are your thoughts? Will John Black and Marlena Evens be reunited soon?

"Days Of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.