After the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce became finalized, nothing much was really said about it. People were left to wonder as to what really happened to the famous celebrity couple for them to call it quits. There are definitely more questions than answers in their status right now, and to make things even more controversial, the "Allied" actor is now allegedly dating actress Sienna Miller.

A new report revealed that Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller were spotted together in L.A. and the witness shared that the 53-year-old actor and producer and Jude Law's former partner were "heavily enjoying each other's company." Although there is no actual photo of their alleged outing, sources noted that the pair were "flirting."

Brad Pitt found himself a new woman?

Earlier reports revealed that Brad Pitt sought his ex Jennifer Aniston’s help and comfort after the Brangelina split became official.

Many took their new friendship as a chance for the former couple to reunite again, it seems like the 53-year-old actor and producer already had his eyes on Sienna Miller. While people are still baffled as to how this new alleged romance happened, the “Unfinished Business” actress quickly slammed the dating rumors.

Sienna Miller tried to set all the records straight about being linked to Brad Pitt at a Cinema Society screening of her new movie, "The Lost City of Z." Although the star did not exactly say that it’s 100% false, her response to the rumor was clear enough to let everyone know that there’s definitely no truth behind the claims.

”I’m not going to even dignify it with a response," the 35-year-old actress, model, and fashion designer told Page Six.

"It's predictable and silly." Angelina Jolie’s ex served as a producer for Miller’s new film so there are moments that the duo have to work closely together, and that’s where the romance rumors may have started.

Angelina's relationship with brother too much for Brad?

Meanwhile, the media and gossip sites have been feasting on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce news after the "Maleficent" actress confirmed their separation.

While the former Hollywood power couple chose to remain mum regarding their infamous split, multiple reports have been sharing some speculation as to why the once-beloved pair headed to Splitsville.

There were whispers and speculation that the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce is a result of the latter's strange relationship with her brother, James Haven.

The "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" actress and her 43-year-old brother had previously shocked the world when they kissed on the lips at public events, making people think that the duo's affection was a little too much for a brother and sister.