"Days Of Our Lives" fans hold on to your hearts, there is speculation that the fan favorite character EJ DiMera could be making his return to Salem in the near future, and there is some leaked footage that has "Days'" fans strongly believing in EJ's return according to CDL. Dedicated fans are well aware that big things are about to go down in Salem between the Kiriakis and Hernadez families, in fact, a war is brewing, one that looks as if it could bring "Days" fans the return of EJ Dimera.

'Days' fans stoked over possible return of beloved character

It appears that news of a Gabriel Miller audition tape has been leaked and it has fans in a stir. "DOOL" viewers were left with a hole in their heart after we lost our favorite villain, the man we loved to hate from time to time: EJ DiMera.

There is a huge family war brewing in Salem

The role was played by actor James Scott and was allegedly killed off by Clyde Weston's hired gun in 2014, however, writers left us questioning EJ's death after Sami Brady began discovering clues she felt were from EJ that he was still alive. A heartfelt letter Sami Brady received after EJ's death left her with specific instructions on how to access his secret bank accounts, leading not only Sami to keep believing that EJ was still around, but "Days" fans in general.

CDL reports that the leaked "Days" tape reveals a conversation between EJ and Chad that reveals an upcoming spoiler storyline which involves EJ. There are a lot of loose ends left between Chad and EJ, especially when it comes to both of their relationships with Abby Deveraux. Should EJ return, his return will be most unpleasant for those who have crossed him.

He will be in full revenge mode and eager to take back everything that he feels is his and his alone, mainly DiMera Enterprises.

He will also have a score to settle with Kate Roberts, so you can expect to see a full on brother against brother war go down between EJ and Chad. Now the big questions remain, will James Scott return to the role of EJ Dimera, or will the spot be recast?

Popular polls reveal that "Days" fans are all in favor of EJ DiMera's return, but they are firm that they want James Scott back in the role.

It is not officially known at this time just how these latest speculations will play out, or if they will for sure. Over the years many favored soap characters have come and gone and come back, some with their original stars, and some recasts. Should the role of EJ DiMera be recast, would "Days of Our Lives" fans be able to accept a new face taking over? Remember the great Bo Brady replacement controversy that finally led to Peter Reckell returning to reclaim his spot? Would a new actor as EJ have the spark and heat with Sami?

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