"General Hospital" viewers are complaining about the show. On various Internet sites, viewers are beginning to call the daytime drama, "Sonny Hospital." Fans of the show are expressing their desire to see less of Sonny and company, and more of other families, Practically every day, there is drama from Sonny and Carly, or one of their associates. There are more story lines connected to these two than anyone else on the show. At one time they were fan favorites, but their revolving door relationship is getting stale, and those who watch the show are letting their displeasure be known.

Sonny and Carly's drama

Yesterday on "GH," Sonny and Carly were at odds because she just slept with her ex-husband Jax. Carly had wrongly believed that Sonny had gone to bed with Nelle, the woman who was Joslyn's kidney donor. Nelle happens to be the biological daughter of Carly's adopted mother, and Jax is the one who paid Carly's adopted father for the girl's kidney. Michael (Carly and Sonny's son) had begun to have feelings for Nelle before the truth came out.

Sonny and Carly's youngest son Morgan died when a bomb exploded in a car he was driving. Unknown to Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos, Ava Jerome switched Morgan's medication, and he was not responsible for his actions the day he died. Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe are in on Ava's secret, which ties them to the Corinthos clan -- and these are just a few of the connections that run deep.

'General Hospital' has changed

There was a time when all the drama on the show revolved around the hospital itself. "General Hospital," however, has changed. There are no more super couples, real family issues, or love triangles. Now most every story line is driven in one way or another by the mob boss and his family. Viewers long for more heartfelt stories and less mob action, which the Corinthos/Jerome family have brought to the screen.

Perhaps the powers that be are getting the message. On today's episode, all the action did take place within the hospital. Even so, because their story lines run deep, it's certain that their drama will fill the screen again soon. Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported that a casting call had gone out from "GH" for another love interest for Sonny. Unfortunately, a new woman in Sonny's life does not mean less screen time. Quite the opposite. The stories will then revolve around Sonny and Carly working their way back to each other for a 6th time.