"Days Of Our Lives" fans are getting a huge dose of young love this spring with some major story lines building for Theo and Claire, and Ciara and Wyatt. However, in Salem, love often leads to deception and danger and rarely to happiness on the popular NBC daytime soap.

'DOOL' set up for major drama heading to Salem this spring

Ciara is head over heels for Wyatt, who in her eyes is just too good to be true. Believing that the love gods have finally sent her someone she can connect with may just be one of the many big mistakes Ciara is about to make by rushing into this new relationship with Wyatt.

Huge secrets are about to unfold

Seasoned "Days of Our Lives" fans are well aware that when something seems to good to be true, it usually is and in Salem that does not come without some major consequences and heartache. During Ciara's date with Wyatt at Mandalay, he has all the perfect answers and they both have the same hobbies and likes, especially when it comes to the cabin. Wyatt goes off to get coffee and returns with Ciara's fave blend. He also gets to meet Grandma Julie, who invites them both to come to dinner soon.

However, as the night goes on Wyatt walks Ciara home, staying the perfect gentleman and even sweetly refuses Ciara's invite to come in. Ciara finally says goodnight and the two-part ways, however, after Ciara is safe inside Wyatt's true colors begin to show through as he secretly texts someone who he thanks for giving him all the information on Ciara, adding that the plan is "working like a charm."

Ciara is not the only one feeling the love, Claire and Theo are heading down a dangerous path, a path that is more dangerous for Theo than Claire.

Theo comes across Claire in one of her pouty moods over the low view count on her video. Theo tries to calm her down and reassure her that things will work out fine. Things heat up when Theo makes it very clear to Claire that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Claire is feeling the mood and everything seems a go until Theo tells her that he is ready to commit and wants to be with her "forever." Claire turns a bit cold and hesitates a few moments but as Theo persists she caves, agreeing to Theo's sweet talk.

They begin a long passionate kiss, and Theo blindfolds Claire! He takes an unknowing Claire to a room at the Salem Inn, one he has prepared for a romantic night.

Theo and Claire do the deed and as they lie together afterward. Claire begins to think about how this is going to affect Ciara and Claire’s relationship. Things are going to get bad because Claire knew that Ciara had deep feelings for Theo.

Also, there very well could be a potential pregnancy scare added to the mix.

It is also a potential prediction that after Ciara finds out that Theo slept with Claire it will push her right into Wyatt's arms. But what devious plans are hiding behind Wyatt's charming smile? Will Theo come to Ciarra's rescue, or will he be trapped in an unhappy life with Claire?