The sharp-tongued Abby Lee Miller of Lifetime "Dance Moms" is headed to prison for fraud. But she took time to throw shade at fellow reality TV diva Mama June on her weight loss. However, after mocking June Shannon's transformation, the ex dance coach was ready to cash in on the former "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star's fame. Since her gastric bypass surgery, Miller is hoping for another reality television show like "Mama June: From Not to Hot."

"Dance Moms" coach battles obesity

The Lifetime star wasn't the most popular dance coach but she did get results.

Despite fearing their bombastic teacher, her students performed some amazing work. The focus of the reality television show wasn't on the dancers only but their "Dance Moms" who were just as volatile and often tangled with the coach. One of the never-said but always-hinted-at issues was Abby's obesity. On the reality TV show, the mothers frequently snarked at the irony of a morbidly obese dance instructor. After a diabetes health scare, Abby lost some weight but knew she needed to lose more.

Miller undergoes gastric bypass for weight loss

Miller left "Dance Moms" under a cloud and is facing prison. In the wake of her fraud scandal, Abby decided to make some changes. Prior to incarceration, the 50-year-old underwent bariatric surgery.

She had a gastric sleeve implanted which sealed off 80 percent of her stomach. Her prison sentencing is set for early May and Abby heads to jail just weeks after gastric bypass surgery, while she is still on a liquid diet. The former Lifetime channel celebrity got down to size 16 from size 24 in 2015 after a reaction to diabetes medications but her weight went up again.

The TLC show "My 600-lb Life" shows miraculous weight loss after surgery and Miller decided that this was a good option.

"Dance Moms" star mocks, is jealous of Mama June

Increasing numbers of celebrities are undergoing or at least contemplating gastric bypass surgery to achieve weight loss. The most famous is Mama June Shannon, mother of pageant queen "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson.

Shannon lost 300 pounds and said she dropped from size 18 to size 4 after gastric sleeve and skin removal plastic surgery. She also underwent a breast implant procedure and tummy tuck. Miller made fun of Mama June's transformation. She said that in an interview, Shannon "still sounds the same, though. Was that not nice? I tried to say that nicely." Miller followed her insult by saying she'd love to do another reality TV show similar to WEtv "From Not to Hot" after she gets the weight off.