Oh no, Sugar Bear is not mad or abusive to kids, claims his wife. Jennifer Lamb made these statements after her husband Mike Thompson exploded on the "Mama June: From Not to Hot" reunion and picked a fight with Lauryn Shannon, June's teen daugther. Sugar Bear also isn't an absent dad to daughter Honey Boo Boo. Lamb says June Shannon is just lying, despite the fact that Alana Thompson confirmed her father's neglect. The reality TV show explored a lot more than Mama June's weight-loss in the last episode.

Mama June, Sugar Bear, Jennifer Lamb: who's the big, fat liar?

On "Wendy Williams," June Shannon called Mike Thompson a beater and a cheater. And Sugar Bear in turn called her a big fat liar. Actually, Honey Boo Boo's mom isn't overweight anymore thanks to bariatric surgery and plastic surgery. June's fabled weight-loss was the point of "From Not to Hot" along with her love life makeover. Shannon promised to lose "bad men" and ostensibly, her ex was one. Thompson denies cheating but then bragged up several LGBT hookups. He says he never abused Honey Boo Boo or any of the kids, but then proved June right by screaming names at Lauryn Shannon and threatening to kick her a**. His wife watched his meltdown, then calmly claimed her saintly husband had no anger issues.

Jennifer Lamb pits Sugar Bear against Mama June

June Shannon and Mike Thompson are clearly oil and water. Jennifer Lamb exploits the rift and her passive-aggressive husband kowtows. He invited June to his wedding, because with pageant star Honey Boo Boo came her pageant mom. But he seemed more keen to see her "From Not to Hot" makeover.

Even Jen protested too much. She kept texting her rival (as you do) then called Shannon a "b****" and uninvited her, when June ignored the baiting. The obese woman encouraged Honey Boo Boo's obesity and overfed her to spite mom. Lamb got mad because Mama June came over and Sugar Bear lied about inviting her. Jennifer shamed Thompson and threatened to sic her obese son on him.

Yet June is the liar who provokes Thompson's rage, she claims.

Jennifer Lamb provokes Sugar Bear?

It's hard to fathom but even after Thompson's rampage, his wife maintains he's not angry. At first she seems just a codependent spouse in denial over her rageaholic husband. But certain behaviors show the "From Not to Hot" star's manipulative side. Lamb protests Mama June yet manages to get a lot of mileage from her reality television show. Fat-shaming Thompson name-calls his ex and calls June the problem. But then he goes nuts on Lauryn Shannon. The only one telling the truth seems to be Honey Boo Boo. Lamb says her husband is a good dad who texts his daughter all the time. Alana says he only calls once in a "blue moon" and then it's to make body-shaming comments to her.