A lot has been said about how the Duggar family was hurt by the sex scandal involving son Josh Duggar. But what about the many people he took down with him? Well, one of them is going after the "19 Kids and Counting" star. He's being sued on his Ashley Madison cybercheating accounts and details of his child molestation, pedophilia, pornography use, incest, sex addiction, and stripper mistress are coming out with it. So who's filing the lawsuit? Is it his long-suffering wife Anna Duggar? Did he violate some contract with TLC over "Counting On"? Here's a clue: the filer of the lawsuit is not the person reality television fans expected.

Josh Duggar dirty laundry comes out in Ashley Madison case

In 2015, the tabloids were full of the Duggar sex scandal. He admitted to fondling five girls, including several of his sisters. But that was only after a police report dad Jim Bob Duggar had suppressed came to light. Then Duggar's name appeared in the Ashley Madison leak. This dating site hooks up married people in online affairs. The cheating child molester admitted to pornography and sex addiction and TLC pulled the plug on "19 Kids and Counting." The Duggars' new show "Counting On" carried on as usual without Josh.

Duggar repents or repeats?

Things quieted down and Duggar returned to public life. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar began to post glowing things about about their son on Facebook as if nothing had happened.

They proudly announced that Anna Duggar was expecting baby number five just months after Josh self-ejected from sex rehab. Duggar made a big deal about going to a faith-based center for recovery but checked himself out halfway through treatment. A source said the "19 Kids and Counting" star was never remorseful. Jim Bob and Michelle seemed less humbled than resentful of the "liberal media." In one video, Michelle appears to cry: no tears but a lot of anger came out.

"Counting On" stars Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard admitted that Josh fondled them, then blamed the media for hurting them.

Who is suing Josh Duggar?

Anna reportedly contemplated divorce but then decided to stay. Josh was in "Counting On" scenes at the wedding of Jinger Duggar Vuolo but TLC let that slide. The reality TV star's porn star stripper mistress Danica Dillon tried to sue Josh for forcing "violent sex" on her and lost.

So who's the litigant? Matthew McCarthy is seeking damages because Duggar used his photo on his Ashley Madison profile. The L.A. deejay has been harassed by people who think the account is his. McCarthy has lost jobs over it and suffered social and emotional problems. This identity theft has branded him the "19 Kids and Counting" child molester. The young man is suing for damages and loss of income.