Kim Kardashian - reality star, mom, and wife, is known for spurring up controversies with either her sexy fashion sense or her no holds barred comments and opinions on different topics. Recently, the reality star has gotten the attention of the netizens once again as photos of her frolicking in a skimpy two-piece while on vacation in Mexico made its round on the internet.

In the said photos, the 36-year old mom of two can be seen wearing a skimpy, multi-colored two piece swimsuit that clearly accentuated her curves. Her figure is undeniably an enviable shape considering that she has already birthed two kids in that body.

However, eagle-eyed netizens were quick to notice that the reality TV star is sporting something that mostly every normal and average mom has - cellulite! While some netizens commented that it's high time that Kim Kardashian has a real photo of her circulating the internet, some fans felt quite betrayed.

Reel vs. real - the curious case of the flawless photos featured in Kim K.'s coffee table book

In May 2015, Kim Kardashian released a coffee table book entitled "Selfish." As expected from one of the top celebrities who are earning from their selfies, "Selfish" consisted of numerous selfies from the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality star. Although there were different poses and angles in the said coffee table book, there was one thing clearly in common among all the photos - Kim K.

was clearly flawless in all of them.

The appearance of Kim Kardashian has long been an issue of controversy and debate among fans and anti-fans. Some say that the popularity of the reality star is too overrated and that everything - from her butt implants to their life on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," are fake.

Vacation photos in Mexico reveal a normal side of Kim K.

As the career of the Hollywood socialite boomed, Kim Kardashian rose from being Paris Hilton's assistant to being one of the most followed and influential personalities on social media. According to reports, every social media post by the new mom of two costs more than some average individuals would make in a year.

That said, everything that Kim K. posts on social media is reportedly well-strategized and organized. It appears that in every post, she makes sure that she looks flawless, beautiful and 100% Instagram-worthy. It seems like the reality star is holding up her social media game well, but the newly released photos from the paparazzi seem to be conflicting with her social media posts.

According to reports, the netizens have been going crazy because of the too close for comfort view of the reality star's cellulite. This issue seemed to have divided people as some applauded the media for exposing such a natural state of Kim Kardashian while some shamed the reality star for being an ace at being fake on social media.