The bombastic former "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller underwent gastric bypass just weeks before heading to prison on fraud. And you'll never guess what she ate after bariatric surgery. In order to achieve weight loss, she does shots. Her post-op diet might sound bizarre but it concurs with that of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life" and reality TV diva Mama June Shannon of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

"Dance Moms" celebrity's odd diet

If you thought Dr. Now of TLC "My 600-lb Life" had a weird weight loss diet, get a load of Abby Lee Miller's.

She gets to do shots. What fun, right? But wait, before you rush to sign up for a gastric bypass surgery these aren't liquor shots. Miller consumes one-ounce servings of protein shakes. For three weeks after bariatric surgery, she'll be on a liquid diet. Also, her post-gastric sleeve stomach is a fraction of its former size, so Miller can only eat tiny portions. Hospital staff suggested using shot glasses to measure the shakes. So it's less fun than Jell-O shots, but definitely healthier.

"My 600-lb Life" diet beats obesity

Dr. Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life" uses a liquid diet like Abby Lee Miller's to treat obesity. But he knows patients can't live on liquids for the rest of their lives. So Dr.

Now has come up with follow-up meal plan to satisfy hunger and boost protein while cutting calories and carbohydrates. At first, the reality television doc allows patients no carbs and that includes most fruits and vegetables. These foods also add bulk without curbing hunger. With an 80-percent smaller stomach, portion control is essential.

The trick is to eat foods that deliver a protein bang with few to no carbs.

"Dance Moms" star hopes to imitate Mama June

The protein shakes Miller is using are a great way to achieve weight loss. Just ask Mama June of WEtv "From Not to Hot." The reality television star shed an eye-popping 300 pounds after bariatric surgery, skin removal plastic surgery and tummy tuck.

She had a breast implant procedure and dental work for a complete makeover. The former "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star had to revamp her junk food forward diet. Miller hopes to get a similar reality TV show after she loses weight.

Protein shakes hit the spot

To make protein shakes, use a vegan plant-based protein powder without whey or sory. Increase protein with a dollop of Greek yogurt. Skim milk adds calcium and protein while cutting calories. Or you can use almond, or cashew of flaxseed milk. These have less protein but more essential fatty acids. Add apples, blueberries, seeds and nuts for fiber and kale or spinach for vitamins.