When Colin and Jill departed Genoa City, to travel the world, the landscape of "The Young and the Restless" changed. This couple's larger than life personalities, left a void that has not been filled. The Chancellor mansion where they resided seems cold and empty now, even when other characters on the show are in it. Jill and Colin have a unique relationship, one where he schemed and cheated and she accepted him as is. This all changed, when Jill found out her husband had stolen her entire fortune.This is when everything changed.

The reason there is a void

After arguing with Colin, Jill became ill, and was taken to the hospital. Doctors informed her she that she had a heart attack, and needed to make some lifestyle changes. Jill's son Billy blamed Colin, threw him out of the house, and gave all his belongings to a homeless shelter. Jill blamed him as well, and decided never to see him again. On that day, Colin came by to tell his wife he was leaving for Australia, Jill decided she was better off with him than without him. She then invited her spouse to join her, as she traveled the world to do a bucket list.

The way the story was written, some assumed that Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were riding off into the sunset, never to return to Genoa City.

Disappointed fans can cheer up because the couple are not gone for good. The void they left behind will soon be filled. Jess Walton shared with her Twitter fans, that she was taking some time off, in order to welcome the arrival of her third grandchild. Tristan Rogers confirmed that Colin and Jill are slated to return to Genoa City.

Colin and Jill and why we love them

Jess Walton took over the role of Jill in 1987. In recent years, she has often gone from the canvas for extended periods of time. Her chemistry with spouse Colin however, has fans desiring to see more of the couple. This is rare as Walton is 68, and Rogers is 70. They light up the screen however, in such a way that their age is irrelevant.

They are not conventional grandparents. After Jill found out that her hubby stole her fortune, she put him out, literally without a stitch of clothing on. Colin was running around outside the Chancellor mansion with only a pillow to hide his private parts.

Both Jill and Colin have schemed and scammed their way through life. Colin, however, seems unable to stop. He is married to a wealthy woman, and living in a mansion. He has every comfort he could desire. Who could ask for anything more?

Tristen Rogers appeal

Tristen Rogers is best known for decades of portraying super spy Robert Scorpio on "General Hospital." Several times in recent years, he returned to "GH" in a short term role. Fans who watched both soaps could tap the remote and observe that Rogers was on both shows simultaneously.

Colin and Jill will be welcomed back with open arms by their many fans. They will no doubt return life, love, controversy and intrigue to Genoa City and the Chancellor Mansion. The writers have something dramatic in mind for these two. And it will be well worth the wait.