Juliet Hinton is the new secret weapon on "The Young and the Restless." She was the business contact who met with Cain Ashby when he traveled to Japan. As is typical of daytime drama, Cain had too much to drink and wound up in bed with Juliet. Unfortunately, the next morning, Cain had no memory, and Juliet did not tell him. Their tryst was not seen on camera, but only hinted at.

Juliet's strategy

Back in America, Cain began remembering bits and pieces of his time in Tokyo. He thought that Juliet was kind enough to help him to his hotel room, and that was all.

When he questioned her she agreed with his assessment of the night. When Cain finds Juliet's nightgown packed in his suitcase, he is perplexed. Eventually Juliet admits to Cain that they slept together. He is in a state of disbelief, because he has never cheated on his wife, Lilly.

Juliet plays it close to the vest. She continually assures Mr. Ashby, that it was only a hookup and nothing more. She points out that as he does not remember their night together, it must not have meant much to him. The more Cain protests, the more Ms. Hinton reassures him that the secret will stay between the two of them. Cain puts in a good word for Juliet with Victoria regarding a job with "Brash and Sassy" in Tokyo.

When Victoria hires someone else, Cain is worried. Juliet once again tries to convince him that she has no ulterior motives.

Victoria looks at her budget, and realizes she can hire Juliet for a position in Genoa City. Ms. Hinton accepts, and Cain is nervous. Again Juliet tells him that she wants to forget their night of passion, and points out that she met his wife, and likes Lilly.

She assures him that she will keep the secret. There is no hint as of yet, as to the true motives behind Juliet being so nice. She very well may be an asset to "Brash and Sassy," or she may be a liability to the Ashby marriage. Portraying herself as a girl who has casual sex with no strings attached seems a bit suspect. Juliet Hinton is in Genoa City for a reason, and more than likely it has to do with, or actually is Cain Ashby.

Cain and Lilly

The marriage of Cain and Lilly has weathered many storms. While he has been faithful, Lilly has not. He forgave her for cheating on him, but will she do the same? Keeping a secret of such magnitude gives Juliet a lot of power. When she eventually plays her hand, will it be because she desires Cain, or will she need his help in moving up the corporate "Brash and Sassy" ladder?" Will Juliet eventually become envious of the Ashby union, and spill all to Lilly out of spite? Right now she is all sugar and spice. "Y&R" fans know this is a deception and only a matter of time before the real motive is revealed. Juliet Hinton is a ticking time bomb, and it's only a matter of time before she explodes. During this past week she was all smiles and a team player. Fans are on the edge of their seats wondering what the future holds.