Doug Davidson and Lauralee Bell, have portrayed Paul and Cricket/Christine/Chris Williams, for decades on "The Young and the Restless." Davidson has been with the show since 1978. This makes him the longest running cast member with 39 years. Laura joined the daytime drama in 1983. In 2005, Bell asked to be released from her contract, and now is on recurring status. For this reason, the couple rarely get any onscreen intimate moments and this makes their marriage an unconventional union, as soap marriages go.

The way they are

It's rare to see Paul and Chris together.

They usually are in a work setting. Paul is most often behind his desk, operating as the town police chief, or he shows up to crime scenes. When Christine was on screen Thursday, she was in a vehicle talking to her nephew Scott Granger. She was trying to get him to go undercover. This was something her stepson, Paul's son Dylan did, which led to his being placed in the witness protection program.

Victor and Nikki Newman are often shown at home in various rooms of their lavish house. The stables and grounds of the Neman ranch are well known to viewers. The Williams' home is seen so seldom, most people probably could not remember what it looks like. Fans of the show have become accustomed to this unconventional relationship between Christine and Paul.

Contract versus recurring status

It would not be difficult to write more intimate scenes for Paul and Christine if the writers were creative. it's understood that Lauralee Bell is not on hand as much as Doug Davidson because she is on recurring status. Still, as he is on contract, scenes could be written around Lauralee, as if she is in another room, on the phone, or at the other end of a loving text message.

Viewers could listen in on Pauls' side of a phone conversation, as if his wife were on the other end of the line. Paul could be in bed talking to Chris with shower water running in the background. They could also have him setting the table and pouring wine for two. This way, it will not be so awkward when Lauralee is not on hand to film a scene.

When they are on screen together, Christine should not be all business most of the time. The couple should go on a cruise or a romantic getaway. They could even show them lounging at home. Chris also should interact with other characters, She could hang out with some of the other ladies. There is no way to be certain if it is the writers, or if Lauralee herself is responsible for the current setup. Between them both they should come up with a system that better serves this long time couple, as well as their fans.