“Once Upon a Time” season 6 has certainly been enjoyable, especially over the last few weeks. Things are now heating up, as the show gets ready for the big showdown. As ABC hasn’t confirmed the renewal or cancellation of “OUAT” just yet, the show may be heading toward the series finale. However, before that happens, there are a few episodes left. This week will see the focus on ending the Black Fairy, but Emma needs help from one person in particular: a person with a terrifying secret.

Not everyone will come out alive

It doesn’t look like everyone is safe from death, and that isn’t just about the Black Fairy.

“Once Upon a Time” doesn’t miss a beat with Regina’s line about not everyone coming out of a battle alive. There’s a fear in her eyes, telling us that she believes she may be the one to die, or that it could be someone very close to her. Deep down, she’ll hope that Henry isn’t the one to lose his life.

Fans have heard that there may be a major death at the end of this season. So far, a number of main cast members haven’t signed on for another year, including Jennifer Morrison and Robert Carlyle. Is it possible that “Once Upon a Time” will lose both Emma Swan and Rumple? If that happens, it could be safe to say that the show won’t continue, as there is no story without these two wonderfully portrayed characters.

Will Rumple find out a terrifying secret?

Rumple is currently trying to save his son, but there was always a mystery to his life before he became “The Dark One.” As the show has focused more on the core characters again this season, it looks like Rumple’s story will be told more this week. Emma is seen telling Rumple that nothing is more terrifying than finding out why he was abandoned.

The princess will certainly know what she’s talking about. After all, she was abandoned; at least, that was what she believed for a very long time. It was only upon coming to Storybrooke that she found out just who she was and what had happened at birth.

Could Rumple’s secret hold the secret to killing the Black Fairy? She shared at the end of the last episode that the Blue Fairy knows her dark secret.

Is it possible that the secret is that she’s Rumple’s mother?

‘Once Upon a Musical’ is nearly here

For those excited about the musical episode of “Once Upon a Time,” it is almost here. There is a sneak peek at the end of the season 6, episode 19 promo. Snow and Charming looked completely confused, while Hook and Regina sing their way through clips. It’s unclear how the musical will be included into the storyline. However, there seem to be a few flashbacks of the Enchanted Forest, suggesting that they go there for Emma and Hook’s wedding. “Once Upon a Time” continues on Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.