Casey Anthony is arguably one of the most hated women in America. After she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, the country erupted. It has been almost a decade since the heinous murder of the toddler and Investigation Discovery just finished airing a three-part serious on the story. This time, Casey's parents spoke to the cameras and what they had to say was shocking.

"Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery"

The show aired on the Investigation Discovery network and drew a lot of fan fare. Casey Anthony was someone who dominated court tv for weeks and when the jury failed to convict her on the murder charge, the country was devastated.

She has been in hiding for years now, being spotted in back in Florida and Ohio most recently. The show focused on actual conversations with George Anthony, Casey's father who no longer has contact with his daughter. Cindy Anthony also commented, though she was more reserved than expected.

Theories about what happened to Caylee Anthony have been floating around since the news of her body being found broke nearly a decade ago. The two-year-old was found in the woods near her grandparents home where she resided with Casey Anthony. Caylee's little body was in pieces and completely decomposed. The prosecutors allege there was duct tape around her mouth at some point as it was found in the bag with her little skull.

Some believe Casey drugged her little girl with Xanax and she died of an accidental overdose while others believe Caylee may have drowned in the Anthony's pool. Either way, Casey let a month pass before reporting her daughter missing.

George Anthony's comments

According to the Hollywood Gossip, George Anthony doesn't buy the accidental drowning theory regarding how Caylee Anthony died.

He reportedly believes Casey Anthony drugged her little girl with Xanax and she died in her sleep. The street name for the drug is "Zanny" and that is exactly what Casey called the made up nanny. George also confirmed that he doesn't talk to his daughter at all and doesn't see a relationship with her down the road either. He lost both the girls who were most important in his life and despite Cindy Anthony trying to protect her daughter through the trial, George wasn't going to continue to be a part of it.

Casey Anthony is currently rumored to be pregnant again. While these claims seem to circulate around anything that mentions her name, some seem to believe it is true. If Anthony is indeed pregnant, she will likely have to stay in seclusion while raising another child. America is still not over the loss of Caylee Anthony.