Both Casey Anthony and Oj Simpson were at the center of a media frenzy during their respective trials for murder. All these years later there remains a strange fascination with both of them. Though exonerated through the legal system, the court of public opinion remains very divided on both cases.

In a recent interview, Casey Anthony had mentioned that she could "empathize" with OJ Simpson and all he went through in the murder case of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Now there are rumors that the two are collaborating on an idea for a reality show that will bring to light the aftermath of being acquitted for a terrible crime and what it does to the person's life.

Basically showcasing others that have gone through what they have experienced.

But isn't OJ in prison?

You have to be wondering about OJ and his 33 year prison sentence for armed robbery, kidnapping and a few other felonies. He is now nine years into the sentence and will have the chance to go before the Parole Board in October!

The Hollywood Gossip reports that a source shared that OJ wanted Casey to come and visit him in prison. He has added her to his visitor list and even offered to pay for her travel expenses to come and visit. The Juice must feel good about his chance at parole in October to be planning a venture already.

New information

There has been a renewed interest in the case of OJ Simpson.

There has been a very popular miniseries as well as an award winning documentary on the one-time football legend's involvement in the death of his wife and Ron Goldman. There had been gossip and speculation suggesting that if OJ is released in October, there would be some sort of television deal in his near future.

So far the reality show is just talk.

We have no confirmation of Casey's plans to travel to see him in prison or to have even spoken with him on the phone. When we ask if there will be an audience for a show like this, the answer is of course! The curious and the fans would tune in each week to see the two share their stories with the ones featured on the show.