"Teen Mom OG" star Catelynn Lowell gave birth to her second daughter a few years ago. Her baby Novalee Reign is a toddler now, but the young mother remembers the first few months of her child's life with painful clarity. While she was caring for a newborn, Lowell was grappling with motherhood, an upcoming marriage, and mental illness; she was struggling with postpartum depression, and her constant stress and sadness left her in a pit of hopelessness. She knows just how bad the anxiety and depression can get, so she wants to help other mothers battling the same illness.

She wants them to know that they're not going through the pain alone; Lowell's here to help.

Lowell's Facebook confessions

Lowell will be on Facebook Live Monday night to talk about postpartum depression. The entrepreneur and miniature pig owner announced the exciting news on her Instagram over the weekend. "This Monday at 9:30 p.m. I'll be speaking on a Facebook page about my journey with postpartum depression. You guys could get a lot out of it just by hearing my story and advice. Make sure to catch me live," she says.

Lowell has an inspirational story to tell. When she was a teenager, she became pregnant with her firstborn, so she gave her baby up for adoption. However, her life was still a struggle.

She and her husband Tyler Baltierra had to deal with the sicknesses of their own parents, so they were both in pain, especially Lowell. As the years passed, she and Baltierra married and gave birth to their second baby. They were supposed to be high on life, but Lowell was in the pits. She had to exert time and effort, so she could heal.

Now she has the knowledge and the experience, so why not spread the word?

What to expect from Lowell

Lowell will probably give a heart-to-heart about her battle with postpartum depression, and how she overcame (or is overcoming) her own hardships. Even though mothers can feel like they're doing everything wrong, Lowell wants them to know that they're not alone. She's gone through therapy, medication, and rehab, but nothing was going to work unless she helped herself first. She had to be strong for more than her loved ones; she had to be strong for herself.