Whoopi Goldberg isn't always known for having tact. She calls it like she sees it and this time, she was fired up. The Daytime Emmy nominees were announced earlier this week on "The Talk." Of course, "The View" was nominated and when it came time to announce the individual co-host names, there was a flub.

Sara Gilbert was announcing "The View" co-hosts by name when she mispronounced three of them. Whoopi Goldberg was not one of the names mangled, but she was highly offended. In fact, she decided to throw some shade at Gilbert over her mistake on "The Talk" just a day before.

Whoopi Goldberg throws shade

After catching wind of the names mispronounced by Sara Gilbert on "The Talk," Whoopi Goldberg got cheeky. According to Us Weekly, Goldberg commented about the flub and then asked the ladies at the table to introduce themselves so that everyone would know how to say their names. The three Gilbert had issues with were Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Jedediah Bila. Of course, Joy Behar had a little fun and announced herself as Angelina Jolie.

Watching a clip of the nominations being read would show Sara Gilbert was not deliberate in the mispronouncing of the names. The ladies at "The View" didn't appear overly bothered but Whoopi Goldberg made it clear that the names should have been said correctly the first time around.

Being nominated is a huge deal and having your name read wrong is not fun.

Sara Gilbert apologizes

After hearing Whoopi Goldberg threw shade at her, Sara Gilbert apologized on "The Talk" later that same day. She appeared to be genuinely sorry and admitted that there wasn't a lot of room for prep before the major announcement and she was doing the best that she could.

Apparently, Gilbert also made a few mistakes with names of the women on "The Real" as well as "The View." It was clear this was not a diss and that Sara Gilbert was genuinely sorry for offending the ladies with the names she unintentionally mispronounced during the Emmy nomination announcement.