“The 100” season 4 promised a very different side of Octavia. With Lincoln gone and revenge gained, she focused more on becoming a warrior. Octavia has always had an interest in the Grounders’ way of life and she continues to grow into a strong, independent female. While the start of the season was shaky, she has been more and more in the spotlight in recent episodes. All of it has built up to this coming week, as Octavia fights to the death. Unfortunately, she will soon learn that not everyone is willing to fight fairly, and she will need to play them at their own game if she hopes to survive.

‘The 100’: fight to the death to save lives

Clarke and the others have faced some difficult decisions over the last few weeks. Right now it’s all about the clan that will get to go into the bunker to survive the radiation. It looked like Clarke was going to get to make the decision as the leader, through her new nightblood, but Roan ruined it all for her.

Just before she received the flame, Abby told everyone that it was science that genetically modified Clarke. It’s clear they don’t realize just how Becca became a nightblood in the first place or how genetics work for the others, but never mind. They’re not happy about it and Clarke isn’t allowed to become the next leader.

Instead, it's up to the warriors of each clan to decide.

One person from each clan will get to decide the fates through a fight.

13 go in, only one will survive

That fight is going to be a fight to the death. Thirteen warriors will face each other in a battle ring and the outcome is going to be very similar to “The Hunger Games.” Thirteen will go into fight until there is only one surviving.

While it would seem obvious that Octavia will win, Luna is going to go into the battle ring, too. With both of them being such crucial characters right now, just how will it all turn out?

The 100 fans aren’t the only ones questioning whether Octavia can come out of this alive. Roan isn’t too certain that she can do it, and questions Bellamy for reassurance.

Despite all the issues the two have had, Bellamy makes it very clear that he believes his sister can do this. She is stronger than anyone has ever given her credit for.

Is it possible that Octavia will come out alive to get Skaikru into the bunker? It seems odd that it won’t happen. Without them in the bunker, “The 100” would lose the whole main cast to the radiation and there’s already a confirmed season 5. Of course, the writers could have another trick up their sleeves, like the Ark being radiation-proof. You’ll have to tune in to “The 100” season 4, episode 10 next Wednesday to find out.