The race is on to find Adrian Chase and stop him before he destroys Star City. He doesn’t want Oliver Queen dead (at least not yet) but he does want to take everything that Oliver cares about away from him. While ‘Arrow’ Season 5 has been on a break, fans have rewatched episodes to make sure they are caught up and there’s nothing missing before the show returns.

Episode 19: ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

Things aren’t looking good for Team Arrow. While they work with the police and the military to find Chase, Felicity believes that she has another way. In fact, she believes that it is the only way.

She’s in touch with the online hacker group Helix, who may have a way to find Chase. The problem is that they want something in return.

We don’t exactly know what that thing is, but we do know that it’s likely not good. It’s something illegal and Oliver believes that they can find Chase without Felicity potentially selling her soul to the masked devils. Felicity is done watching her friends get hurt, though, and is now working with the group to take down the bad guy.

Will we find out who Vigilante is?

Its been a long break. “Arrow season 5 has been off the air since March 29 and won’t return for another week. Now fans are desperate to know how everything will turn out. After all, Vigilante isn’t the guy that they thought he was.

Many DC fans expected Chase to be Vigilante. That’s who the masked man is in the comics. The show writers have taken some liberties with the source material to make it more interesting. Instead of Vigilante, Chase was revealed to be Prometheus, the masked villain who has wanted to hurt and destroy everything that Oliver Queen loves and cherishes.

Fans didn’t see it coming, and they are grateful for it. The decision shows that “Arrow” still has a few tricks up its sleeves. Seasons 3 and 4 started to dwindle, but season 5 has certainly brought back the original feeling. It helps that the show has also focused on wrapping up Oliver’s time on the island and brought in the Russian storyline after years of intrigue.

The future for ‘Arrow’ season 5

Who knows when we will get to find out who Vigilante even is? There are plenty of theories, with one of those being that Roy Harper will return. For now, it’s fun to keep guessing, while we learn more about Chase and find out where he is.

Is it possible for Team Arrow to stop this bad guy? “Arrow” season 5, episode 19 airs on April 26, 2017 at the usual time of 8 p.m. on the CW channel.