Not all shows will make it to the next season, especially for CBS. The network has already announced one confirmed comedy freshman show, which means one will surely have to go. There are others that just aren’t performing as well as they could or should. Here are four CBS shows likely to be cancelled in 2017.

‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’

CBS can’t say that it didn’t try with this “Criminal Minds” spinoff. “Beyond Borders” certainly did better than its predecessor, but it’s still not good enough. At least it managed to become a sophomore show.

Unfortunately, its just not had the ratings expected or needed to justify the renewal. It doesn’t help that this isn’t a CBS-owned show. The network is in a licensing agreement with ABC.

For “Criminal Minds” fans, the network has confirmed the renewal of the parent show. “Criminal Minds” season 13 will likely premiere in September/October 2017.

‘2 Broke Girls’

Out of all the comedy shows, “2 Broke Girls” is the one likely to get the chop. However, things are still debateable, as the ratings are higher or around the same as already renewed comedies. The downside for the women with a dream of financial freedom is that the show isn’t owned by CBS. Warner Bros. may not want to lose this show, as it could face a huge loss in other areas, thus, they may make a deal to confirm “2 Broke Girls” season 7.


Despite a strong beginning, the last two seasons haven’t been good for “Elementary.” After seeing a huge drop in ratings last season, the show has continued to decline. The only thing saving the show is that it is owned by CBS, so it gains all the profits from it. “Elementary” does fairy well internationally, which could also help save it.

It’s one of those on the cusp and could be saved, but fans will really want to push for it. Acting against it is that the show is airing its fifth season, which means enough episodes of syndication. Why risk another year when a new show could take its place?

‘The Odd Couple’

There doesn’t seem to be anything that could save "The Odd Couple." It’s one that definitely looks set for cancellation, no matter what the fans do now.

The ratings are just too low. It’s the lowest rated comedy on CBS, despite a fairly strong season in April/May last year. There are plenty of comedies coming that will outperform and replace this reboot.

Do you agree with this list? Which shows would you like to see renewed on CBS? Share in the comments below.