The Acm Awards happened on Sunday night, April 2, and it was a clear reminder of just how much talent there is these days in country music. Musicians such as Keith Urban, Sam Hunt, and Miranda Lambert took to the stage to perform their newest tunes. Two other country artists also debuted their brand new hit, and they just happen to be married as well. Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill performed their new single, "Speak To a Girl" and it was magical.

The perfect moment

It was evident how much in love these two are, as they belted out their new single at the ACM Awards.

From the time that Faith Hill stepped on stage, to the moment that she and her country star husband embraced at the end of the song, all eyes were on this couple. They sang as if no one else was in the room. It is evident that Tim McGraw knows just how to speak to his girl.

Hill seemed so excited at the end of their new song had her hopping with joy. She and McGraw embraced each other as he picked her up and swept her off her feet. They got a standing ovation as well. This was considered one of the most favorite moments of the 2017 ACM Awards.

New album soon

Back in February, it was announced that this husband and wife team would be joining to make new music together. They have been collaborating on a joint album, and if this new song is any indication of how the rest of it will be, country music fans will be in for a treat.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are also heading out on tour together. The Soul2Soul Tour begins on April 7.

They celebrated an incredible milestone at the ACM Awards on Sunday night. Their performance marked 20 years since they had first stepped onto the ACM stage together to debut "It's Your Love." Tim and Faith have also been married for 20 years now, so there is no stopping this couple from making magic happen right before our eyes.

Country music's power couple

If watching them on stage at the ACM Awards wasn't enough, fans got to see a little of the behind-the-scenes magic before the show. McGraw even took to Twitter to state just how he feels about his gorgeous bride. He told the world just how hot she is. Faith Hill was lovely as she wore a glittery purple dress on the red carpet, while her hunky husband had on a snazzy gray suit complete with his signature cowboy hat and boots.

The twosome spoke out on the red carpet before the show on what a great message "Speak to a Girl" has on how boys should learn to respect women, especially their mamas, as the song clearly states. They are also excited about their upcoming tour. They mesmerized their audience at last night's ACM Awards, and they will do the same as they travel around the world showcasing their music live and in person. What did you think of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's performance on Sunday night?