For those of you who do not know, "The Originals" follows the first family of vampires from which all the others were created. There we have a little bit of everything, from ancient witches, Vikings, and werewolves to vampires. As first vampires, Mikaelsons are somewhat more resistant than others but still face danger every now and then. They have a family promise to stay together "always and forever,“ which was actually the cause of many problems, disagreements, massacres, manipulation, and sacrifice. Those are the things you can see in the first three seasons.

Season four is finally here and besides all of the above mentioned, we will once again get to enjoy the sights of the beautiful New Orleans, with its rich history and famous witches. Also, regardless of how strange it may sound, we will see what will happen to our favorite villains.

Things have changed a lot in five years

Although the third season had a quite shocking ending, things might turn out for the better. One of the things that crushed us at the season 3 finale was the fact that our beloved Camille and Davine have died. However, this is a series in which witches almost never die and everyone else has a good chance to be saved, so maybe the two of them will get a happy ending after all.

We enter the fourth season with a five-year time leap. Hayley spent those five years looking for a way to return Mikaelsons back to life, and it seems that she is getting close. So at one point, we see Hayley promising her, now six-year-old daughter Hope that she will see his father soon. We also see Marcel, who is again holding power in New Orleans.

He also has Klaus under his control. Vincent is now a representative of the witches. He rebels against Marcel's brutal rule and offers a sanctuary for all who want to hide from him, be they witches, vampires, werewolves, people or something in between. At the moment some new characters appear, whose role we are yet to discover.

It will be very interesting to see Hope with her own unique powers and also to see the development of her character because in the last season she was just a baby.

It is tough to be a child on 'The Originals'

Although all characters already have a lot on their plate, it seems that they are going to face even greater danger. Looks like a child of Vincent and his demonic wife managed to survive and now is has returned to the cause problems to everyone. Many children have disappeared and it seems that they are being snatched for sacrifice. All of that affects the health of our magical Hope, and of course, they have to go back to New Orleans to find the cure. How convenient! The family will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, so the only question is who will have to die on the way?