"24: Legacy" ended last night with Eric Carter rescuing Naseri's daughter. Tony Almeida agreed to allow Eric to leave with Naseiri's daughter when he received a phone call from Senator Donovan. Donovan explained who the young girl is and that she can be traded for Rebecca. Tony hangs up the phone. The first few moments were quite tense as Tony tried to get into the safe house where the young girl was being kept.

In the previous episode, Naseri escaped with Rebecca so they could execute her. Rebecca tried to commit suicide to stop the terrorists from following through with their plan, but she failed.

Eric leaves with Naseri's daughter

Eric asked CTU to find out how to connect with Naseri. When they failed to find a way to call him, Eric asked Naseri's daughter for the number. He calls to let Naseri know that his daughter is alive. Eric promises to deliver her to the Jordanian Embassy and keep his daughter safe.

Bin Khalid begins airing Rebecca's execution. He is angry because he blames Rebecca for the death of his son. Naseri takes a knife and prepares to cut Rebecca's throat. Instead, he kills the other terrorists and holds Bin Khalid at gunpoint. He then confronts Rebecca and wants to know why she didn't tell him that his daughter was alive. She admits that she took his daughter into custody and that she is behind the kidnapping, not her country.

Eric delivers Naseri's daughter to the Director of CTU. The Director contacts the Jordanian ambassador to let him know they are delivering the girl to the embassy. The plan almost falls apart when the ambassador begins to question the operation. The helicopter lands at the embassy and the girl is delivered to the ambassador.

Eric and Naseri arrange for Eric to retrieve Rebecca.

Things don't go according to plan

Eric meets Naseri at the meeting place after Naseri is sure that his daughter is safe. As Rebecca moves toward Eric, he tells her to be ready to hit the ground so that he can shoot Naseri. Eric succeeds in killing Naseri but not before Bin Khalid, who was sitting in the shadows, gets his hands on a gun and tries to shoot Rebecca.

She jumps in front of Eric and is shot while Eric kills bin Khalid.

The Senator, who is still in Director Simm's office, is notified about Rebecca being shot. Before he leaves Simm's office to go to the hospital, he tells Simms there will be an investigation. Rebecca crashes before they can get her into surgery, and she dies. Twelve hours later the Senator is sitting beside Rebecca after she died. His father arrives and wants to see him. Henry Donovan expresses his remorse over the deaths of Rebecca and all the people who were killed during the terrorist attack. He encourages John (Senator Donovan) to remain in the race. John doesn't want to get elected because of Rebecca's death.

The FBI notifies Senator Donovan that Director Simms is dead.

They want to know why Donovan was in his office. Donovan says he was there to find out about Rebecca. He chooses to stay in the race. Eric returns to CTU for his debrief. He reconnects with his wife Nicole and tells her he wants to join CTU. The show closes with Eric entering the Director's office for his debrief. So far there has been no word on whether or not FOX plans to renew "24: Legacy." The official word will come in May.