Carmelo Anthony, 32, and his wife La La, 37, are separated. After seven years of marriage, the couple no longer live together. They maintain a friendly bond and are evaluating their future, which is why they have chosen to live separately. The basketball player is suffering from the poor performance of his team, the New York Knicks, which negatively influenced his marriage. The pair has had only one child, Kiyan Carmelo, 10, who is living with his mother. The couple has not yet started the divorce process because they believe they can still improve their situation.

La La and Carmelo want to protect their son from the media harassment. The couple appeared to be one of the strongest and most stable among celebrities, but now they are experiencing a crisis that could be irreversible.

Kim Kardashian a close friend

La La and Kim Kardashian, 36, have been friends for years and both have supported each other in the hardest moments. The radio personality was there for the reality superstar when she suffered a violent assault in Paris last year and also supported her in other situations such as her divorce from Kris Humphries, 31, or her marriage troubles with Kanye West, 39. Now, Kim is the one who listens to La La and is supporting her in everything she needs.

La La (real name Alani Vazquez) is famous herself thanks to her successful work in radio, television and business. She became even more popular because of her friendship with Kim and her marriage with Anthony. Now she must carry out a public separation while trying to lead a normal life.

Possible infidelity

Its been suggested that Melo has cheated on La La with a cabaret dancer.

That woman is supposedly six months pregnant and she is asking the athlete to help her financially because that baby is his, according to her. La La and Melo are choosing not to talk to the press because they prefer to protect their privacy. In addition to these latest updates in the headlines, both celebrities have millions of fans who want to know about them all the time.