Hey, "24: Legacy" fans. Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to officially confirm that your favorite show is getting a brand new season 2, tonight, because FOX is still trying to gather all the numbers for it, and are waiting until May 2017 to see what they're going to do with it, or not going to do with it. This news comes by way of the Deadline news team. They're reporting that the beautiful chairman and CEO of FOX Television Group, Dana Walden, spoke about the 24:Legacy season 2 renewal chances at the recent INTV conference in Jerusalem way back in early March 2017, and was basically unsure about it at the moment.

Sad about the ratings

She said, she actually thinks it's a great show, and that it's doing about 7 to 8 million viewers over seven days per episode, which she says, isn't terrible. However, they apparently had much higher hopes for the show as she went on to say that maybe their launch strategy for it, was a little over-ambitious. They were doing pretty well after the first two episodes aired on back to back nights. One of them was right after the big 2017 Super Bowl game. Then I guess things didn't go too well after that, because she said that maybe people got confused as to which night it was supposed to air on and what not. Whatever the case, she's feeling pretty sad about the current ratings, but is very proud of the show and its creators.

She's wondering if broadcast can sustain a show that's so serialized. She's currently feeling mixed about it's ratings.

Have to wait and see

After all that, she responded to the big question, which is: are they going to renew this damn thing for a new season 2? She replied by telling them that they're just going to have to wait and see.

She would actually love to bring it back, because she thought it was absolutely fantastic. However, they have other, new pilot shows that they have to look at. They're going to have to weigh all the information about the ratings and numbers. And that ,apparently, won't get done until this May 2017 sometime.

Huge viewer dip

Looking at the ratings numbers for the show, I can see exactly what Dana is talking about.

I mean, this thing got off to super, flying colors with over 17 million viewers during the premiere episode that aired immediately following the huge 2017 Super Bowl event back in early February. Then on that following Monday night, it dipped all the way down to 6 million viewers. From there, it's just been going down with the last episode that aired on April 10th, only bringing in about 3.2 million viewers. So, if Dana was upset with the ratings in early March, she definitely won't be happy with them now. Oh yeah. A season 2 for this show, is looking real bleak. No doubt about it. I would say that it's probably going to take a miracle, at this point, for this series to get renewed, but who knows? We'll have to wait and see. Stay tuned.