Fans of the original "24" won't be disappointed with the new series "24: Legacy" as it rolls out its latest installment. Actor Cory Hawkins, who portrays former U. S. Army Ranger Eric Carter, took the show to a new level this week as he chased terrorists and tried to free former CTU director Rebecca Ingram.

Although the show has been accused of Islamaphobia and racism, "24: Legacy" takes a hard look at modern terrorism. Fans will enjoy the fast pace of the show, and it takes the format of the original with its events in real-time.

Rebecca gets trapped by terrorists and they escape

Rebecca and Eric go to save Rebecca's husband, Senator John Donovan. The terrorists demanded that Rebecca exchange herself for her husband. They want to execute her because she was responsible for the death of Ibraham Bin-Khalid. Ibrahim has been revealed to be alive. Eric and Rebecca arrive at the sports stadium for the exchange. The terrorists torch the field of the stadium and take Rebecca away. Eric and the Senator escape, and Jadalla Bin-Khalid, Ibraham's son, is killed.

CTU director Keith Mullins receives a call from Director Simms. Simms is sending someone to work as a co-director for CTU. Andy reveals that Director Simms has Asim Naseri's daughter in custody.

Naseri believes his daughter is dead, and he wants revenge against Rebecca. Andy and Keith share the information with Eric.

Eric appeals to Senator Donovan for help. The Senator takes Eric to the Pentagon with him so they can meet with the Director and get the lead they need to find Rebecca. Rebecca attempts suicide by slicing her wrists.

Her act is discovered, and she is stopped from bleeding to death.

Eric and the Senator breach the Pentagon successfully

Senator Donovan dresses Eric as a Secret Service agent before arriving at the Pentagon. Director Sims contacts Tony Almeida and gives him instructions to get rid of Naseri's daughter before the truth is discovered.

Andy creates a fake identification for Eric, and he and the Senator arrive at the Pentagon. Eric's credentials are almost discovered to be fake, but they get through security and arrive at Director Simms' office.

While Andy and Eric try to hack Director Simm's server, Senator Donovan spars with the Director. Simms reveals that it was Rebecca's idea to take Naseri's daughter into custody so they could use her as blackmail to find Bin-Khalid. Eric arrives at the farm house and disables Ara Naseri's bodyguards. Tony Almeida arrives at the farm with his crew and tries to take out Eric and the girl. In the final episode, Naseri will threaten to kill Rebecca while Eric tries to get to her to save her.

"24: Legacy" airs on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.