In the last two weeks, Donald Trump has once again dominated the news cycle and for many of the wrong reasons. After a week off from hosting "real time with Bill Maher," the host returned to give his thoughts about the president's recent troubles.

Real Time on Trump

Since the start of the month, the White House has been dealing with an onslaught of self-inflicted scandals and controversy. From the administration's ties to Russia, to the president's allegations that former President Barack Obama somehow wiretapped Trump Tower, to the much-criticized Republican health care replacement and budget proposal, Donald Trump is not having his best week in office.

The latest twist centers around Trump's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel where he appeared to refuse to shake her hand, while lashing out against a German reporter as "fake news," all while taking the time to make a joke about wiretapping. These issues, and more, where highlighted during the March 17 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher."

In his return from his two-week hiatus, Bill Maher kicked off Friday's show with an opening monologue, which centered around Donald Trump. "We have a president that makes you wanna puke all the time," Maher said.

"The White House celebrated St. Patrick's Day slashing green energy and anything else good in the country," he continued, before shifting to the new Republican health care plan.

"We finally found out what Trumpcare is," Bill Maher said, before adding, "Surprise!

24 million people lose heath coverage and the rich get a giant tax credit." The comedian then hit back at the president for cutting the "Meals on Wheels" program for seniors," remarking, "Meals on wheels not showing results? You mean not killing cripples and veterans?" Not stopping there, Maher cited a campaign quote from Trump when he asked, "what do you have to lose?" In response, Maher answered, "This stuff.

Life as we know it."

Maher on the budget

Bill Maher continued to rip into Donald Trump's budget proposals, which focus on cuts to education and science. "If you want Republicans to care about kids, jam them back in the uterus," he joked. On Climate Change, Maher said of Trump's budget, "Zero dollars. Zero cents. That's like if your car is breaking down and your solution is to put black tape over the check engine light" In his final shot at the budget, Maher noted that the president wants to cut PBS, before saying that the president watches Sesame Street and "sees a show where a landlord is forced to rent to black people."

Wiretapping trouble

In conclusion, Bill Maher focused on the latest wiretapping claims and the recent White House meeting with Angela Merkel.

"President 'Crazy Pants' started tweeting about how Obama tapped his phone at Trump Tower based on nothing," he said, before noting, "That's the good thing about having tiny hands. It's easy to pull stuff out of your a**." The popular atheist host also made sure to ding the commander in chief for his embarrassing handling of his meeting with Merkel.

Moving forward

As critics like Bill Maher continue to pile on, it's not expected that Donald Trump will change his tune anytime soon. Whether it's conspiracies, health care and budget issues, or how he handles foreign leaders, the president has an agenda and talking points, and he appears to be sticking to them.