"Hi, my name is Lala Kent, and I'm a plastic surgery addict." That's what the "Vanderpump Rules" alumni just admitted. At 26 years old, the reality television celebrity says she's had just about every form of cosmetic surgery, silicone implant or Botox treatment known to man. And she regrets most all of it except for two. How much of the reality diva is real and how much is silicone? Which are those magic procedures that she couldn't live without?

Lala Kent had one too many

The "Vanderpump Rules" star wasn't born looking like an anime character any more than Kim Kardashian came out shaped like a barbell.

The difference is, Kent freely admits at leas the facial restructuring. She didn't mention a boob job or tummy tuck or butt lift or body surgery. She's had Botox between the eyes, eyebrow restructuring and fillers in her cheeks, lips, and jaw. So basically everything but Lala's nose has been strategically redone. But planned or not, the cartoonish effect certainly wasn't intended. Her over-sculpted face accidentally happened when she took it a lip implant procedure too far. She regrets overdoing the fillers, silicone, etc.

"Vanderpump Rules" alum takes the first step

If there's a plastic surgery Anonymous, Lala Kent might attend. She's taken the first step by admitting to being, to some extent, powerless over plastic.

Is there a plastic surgery addiction? Well, many Celebrities, including a preponderance of reality television stars are obsessed with it. It seems to be a prereq for "Real Housewives of" celebs. RHONJ star Teresa Giudice has had so much work she looks like "Mob Wives" Big Ang. All of the KUWTK family, from mom Kris Jenner to Khloe Kardashian to youngster Kylie Jenner are up to the gills with breast implants, butt lifts, etc.

Dad-turned-mom Caitlynn Jenner has so much plastic it's falling out.

Two procedures Lala Kent won't give up

The reality television star may have ditched "Vanderpump Rules" (much to the chagrin of boss Lisa Vanderpump) and sworn off any more lip implants. But two things Kent can't live without are Botox injections between the eyes.

She hates her permanent scowl and also her "bad genes" in the jawline. The young woman plans to keep up with jaw fillers. But at least she has some boundaries, unlike the Kardashians who are in danger of looking faker than Barbie dolls if they aren't careful.