Heather Tom is a staple on "The Bold and the Beautiful," but now Rumors Are Flying that she could be leaving for another show. Heather has been showing up on "The Talk" lately as a fill-in host, and she is a perfect fit for the show. Sharon Osbourne had to take some time off due to back surgery, which left room for Tom to sit in her chair for a week.

Would Heather Tom be a perfect fit for this show?

Tom could end up being asked to do future episodes, but you never know. Once someone fits in on a show and is there for a few episodes, they are the perfect person to be looked at when someone leaves.

"The Talk" could end up changing hosts in the future. The fact that she has been on the show would give her a better chance than others. One thing to remember is that she isn't the only co-host to do it more than once, though.

Another reason that Heather Tom could be perfect in the role is that she is already on a CBS show. It would just make sense to move someone from one show on their network to another. If Tom decided to do "The Talk," then it might be hard to do both shows, but she could just have fewer episodes on "Bold and the Beautiful" and figure out a way to make it work. Regardless of what she ends up doing, it would not be surprising at all to see Heather back as a guest host at least a few more times in the future when someone needs a break.

Things have really changed on "Bold and the Beautiful" lately with Sally Spectra and the rest of the Spectra family showing back up. This will make it where they could decide to get rid of a few of the actors or actresses that are on the show now to leave room for more people to join in that storyline. Sally has obviously impressed Thomas, but the rest of the family isn't feeling her just yet.

Do you think that Heather Tom could end up on "The Talk" and end up leaving "The Bold and the Beautiful"? Where do you feel like she would be a better match? Sound of fin the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Bold and the Beautiful" weekdays.